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Alterrain MMO - Columns and their card count Build Status


UCSC CMPM 120 Phaser Multiplayer Game


  • Yanwen Xu (xuyanwen2012 ) - 💾 Back-End developer
  • Julio Choy (svntax) - 💻 Front-End developer, 🎨 Games Artist
  • David Kirkpatrick (DavidKirkpatrick95) - 🎨 Games Artist, 🔉 Games Audio



Ubuntu NodeJS 10.0 on 16.04

1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk / SFO2

Getting Started (For Graders)

First, visit our website at In case the server is down and you would like to play on your local host, please take the following steps to set up the game.

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. (To developers) See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


A step by step series of examples that tell you how to get a development env running

Node.js - JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

Download node.js, at least 8.XX.X version. (We are using 10.0.0).

After installing node.js on your computer, you can now type in your terminal to check if node is working.

node --version

// v10.0.0

Clone our repository (or unzip the project and cd into the root folder),

git clone myProject
cd myProject

And install dependencies, using node package manager (installed with Node.js).

npm install

Start the server (For Graders)

To start testing locally, simply use node

node app.js

And you can go to http://localhost:8080

Enjoy exploring wonder! :)

Code Style (For Developers)

We will use ESLint.

Run to test code consistency:

npm run test

Deployment (For Developers)

Once you have committed and pushed to this repository

Login into our server, as user game

First we need to pull from GitHub,

cd /home/game/project
git pull

Then start the game application (only if the game is not working as expected):

pm2 start game      // game is a task I already defined

To list all running processes:

pm2 list

Managing processes is straightforward:

pm2 stop      <game|'all'>
pm2 restart   <game|'all'>

To monitor logs, custom metrics, process information:

pm2 monit

Built With

  • - Realtime application framework (Node.JS server)
  • Express - Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Big thanks to Nathan Altice and Elizabeth Swensen.


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