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ACRE2 v2.10.0.1050

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@github-actions github-actions released this 24 May 16:17

Requires CBA version 3.15.5 or later and Arma 3 version 2.04 or later.

New radio joins the ACRE family - the BF-888S is a low-cost portable UHF radio with range of up to 5km in ideal condition and 16 programmable channel presets. Thanks to @Jsmuk for integration and Clark for the model.

Compatibility for two Creator DLCs: Western Sahara and CSLA Iron Curtain have been added by @Dahlgren.

Attenuation system received 2 configuration updates as well, the attenuation factor between a turned-in person and another turned-out person, as well as attenuation factor for turned-out positions between different compartments. Thanks to @Timi007 and his illustrations showcasing the new configuration for mods to use.

Lastly, internal speakers of all radios were updated with an additional low shelf filter effect, making it more apparent the audio is coming from a speaker.

If you're looking to chat with us, be sure to join us on Discord (#acre2 channel)!



  • Server - Fix radios not being unmarked for garbage collection markedForGC (#1198)
  • Core - Log correct WRP location for CfgAcreWorlds overrides (#1175)


  • Attenuate - Add config value for attenuation turned out in different compartments (#1194)
  • Extensions - Add effect for internal radio speakers (#1180)
  • General - Display missing compatibility warning for Global Mobilization (#1162)
  • Radio - Allow blocking all radio transmissions on a unit (#1159)
  • S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Remove hard requirement (#1154)


  • General - Remove CALL_RPC macro and use function (#1190)
  • Contact - Remove terrain compatibility (decrypted in 2.08) (#1189)


  • Translations - Add missing German and Italian (#1153)