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Assets 3

Requires CBA Version 3.1.0 or later.

Change Log Summary


  • [New] Korean and updated Czech translations. The status of translations can be seen here - further help is always welcome!


  • [Improvement] ACE3 radio self-interaction will now be hidden if no radios are available.
  • [Improvement] Tweaked the order of left, centre and right spatial configurations in self-interaction. "Set to Left Ear" will now be on the left in radial configuration (or below in list configuration) while "Set to Right Ear" will be on the right (or at the top).


  • [Improvement] Clean-up and prefix fast hash global variables - Note fast hashes use a custom location with invalid draw style which will be logged to RPT, this is known and required.
  • [Optimisation] General clean-up and optimisations through all the code.
  • [Optimisation] Pass functions 'by reference' to BI event handlers (performance improvement).
  • [Optimisation] Don't compile 117F and 152 menus on preStart (possibly fixes rare display issues).


  • [Fix] A race condition where players could sometimes not being able to hear transmissions and direct speech but could communicate through direct speech.
  • [Fix] Previously the acre_api_fnc_setCustomSignalFunc function would error when attempting to reset to the default behaviour in scheduled environment.
  • [Fix] Antenna direction calculation where the rotation speed of the antenna was twice the rotation speed of the unit.
  • [Fix] Prevent acre.log from being created since it was never used (can be safely removed from Arma 3/logs folder).