@jonpas jonpas released this Dec 5, 2017 · 229 commits to release-build since this release

Assets 3

Requires CBA Version 3.5.0 or later and Arma 3 Version 1.78 or later.

This release adds full support for Vanilla and upcoming ACE3 Arsenals, TeamSpeak Channel Switching additions, improved antenna calculation on ground and many other optimisations and bug fixes. Additionally it removes the Tanoa PBO which housed height data, which is now obsolete with it being decrypted in 1.78.

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Change Log Summary


  • [New] Support for ACE3 Arsenal (future ACE3 feature) unique items (show channel name).
  • [New] Support for Vanilla Arsenal (radios swapped for base radios temporarily, makes unique radios visible and does not include them in saved loadouts or exports, changes processed on close).
  • [New] TeamSpeak Channel Password support (hidden text in-game).
  • [New] Add display passthrough keys API (assigns ACRE2 keys to a custom display, eg. spectator systems compatibility).
  • [New] Korean and updated Chinese localizations. The status of translations can be seen here - Further help is always welcome!


  • [Update] Made TeamSpeak Channel Name and Password settings global.
  • [Update] Streamlined (macroized) radio display names.
  • [Remove] Tanoa PBO (decrypted with 1.78)
  • [Remove] "ACRE TEST BAG" (hidden for backwards compatibility).


  • [Improvement] Antenna calculation on ground (better signal quality, especially in vehicles).
  • [Improvement] Treat all radios in lower-case (major optimization across the board).
  • [Improvement] TeamSpeak Channel name check (now checked in order: full string comparison, word comparison, character comparison).
  • [Improvement] Allow specifying TeamSpeak channel without "ACRE".
  • [Improvement] Reworked radio macros to half the size.
  • [Improvement] Author config entry to all ACRE2 items.


  • [Fix] TeamSpeak metadata buffer overflow crash.
  • [Fix] Radio Speaker not hearable for radio owner.
  • [Fix] Prevent radio ID assignment in Virtual and ACE3 Arsenals.
  • [Fix] Prevent garbage collector from trying to collect ID of a removed unique radio in Vanilla and ACE3 Arsenals.
  • [Fix] Premature TeamSpeak channel switch when channel name is used.
  • [Fix] Name Channels module script error (trying to assign more presets than radio supports).
  • [Fix] Babel "Per-Side /w Common" script error (trying to assign invalid language key).
  • [Fix] Volume slider will now close on death, on another dialog open and when changing unit (eg. respawn, remote control).
  • [Fix] Mute Spectators button not working in Vanilla Spectator (EG Spectator).
  • [Fix] SEM 70 author array in CfgPatches.
  • [Fix] acre_sys_api_fnc_getCurrentRadioChannelNumber returning channel number greater by 1.