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Assets 3

Requires CBA Version 3.7.1 or later and Arma 3 Version 1.82 or later.

This release adds rack radios, an overhauled intercom system providing VIC-3 functionality and the ability to share radios with other players. Several fixes and optimizations across all of ACRE2 are also included.

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Change Log Summary


  • [New] Vehicle Racks with support for AN/VRC 103, AN/VRC-64, AN/VRC 110, AN/VRC 111 and SEM90.
  • [New] Overhauled Vehicle Intercom with support for multiple intercoms in a vehicle.
  • [New] Infantry Phone
  • [New] External Radios to share personal, backpack and rack radios with other players.
  • [New] User Interface for SEM 90 rack.
  • [New] Integration of rack radios with the intercom system.
  • [New] Volume control for each intercom network in a vehicle.
  • [New] Vehicle antennas for rack radios.
  • [New] API functions for Vehicle Racks features.
  • [New] German, Japanese, Chinese Korean, Portuguese, Italian and Polish translations for intercom, racks and shared radio features.


  • [Update] General optimizations in core ACRE2 functions.
  • [Update] Translations affecting all ACRE2 components.


  • [Improvement] ACE3 interaction menu (shortened, grouped, streamlined).
  • [Improvement] Do not recompile XEH Display EH before every call.


  • [Fix] Signal quality could get stuck at 0% with radios still in valid range after Arma 3 v1.82 update.
  • [Fix] RPT errors when changing frequencies on SEM 70.
  • [Fix] Spelling error in 152 and 117F menu.
  • [Fix] Frequency selection menus for AN/PRC152 and AN/PRC 117F.
  • [Fix] Prevent backwards compatibility acre_game class from showing up in CBA Credits.
  • [Fix] Second frequency of AN/PRC-77 is now different from the first frequency in every preset.
  • [Fix] Babel Mission Setup