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@github-actions github-actions released this Sep 17, 2020

Requires CBA version 3.15.0 or later and Arma 3 version 1.96 or later.

This release adds new God Mode speaking, allowing administrators or game masters to talk with each other or to the entire server, bypassing distance. Administrators can setup custom groups via the God Mode API and only allow access to specified players.

Spectator received a new feature - ability to listen in on radios and observe who is currently speaking on them. Clicking on a player now shows a new radio selection UI. Anyone speaking on the selected radios will be displayed in the top right corner with the radio they are speaking on. Support for other Spectator displays may be provided with use of the Spectator Displays API.

Notification System received a rigidity update and support for custom displays. Curator (Zeus), Arsenal and Spectator displays (Vanilla and ACE3) will now show notifications on top.

Documentation now contains a list of all public API functions for easy reference. Additionally some issues regarding antenna positions calculation and signal were fixed.

If you're looking to chat with us be sure to join our public Slack group!

Change Log Summary



  • GUI - Fix Antenna Elevation indicator 3rd party compatibility (#1022)
  • API - Fix getRadioByType 2nd parameter (#988)
  • Components - Fix use of ATLtoASL on modelToWorld positions (#989)
  • Extension - Fix map loading on 32-bit (#979)
  • Data - Fix data sync log (#982)
  • Extensions - Fix pipe permission issues (#953)
  • Documentation - Fix C++ undefined behavior (#1003)


  • Signal - Improve calculation when antennas are at the same position (#984)
  • List - Improve Notification System (#1019)
    • Add custom displays support (via registration function)
      • Add Curator, EG Spectator, Arsenal and ACE Arsenal displays
    • Add keys support to Arsenal and ACE Arsenal
    • Improve rigidity of notifications
    • Fix custom display PTT spam
  • Documentation - Update Debugging with Signal Map Tool (#997)


  • API - Cleanup deprecated functions (#1016)
  • Core - Cleanup debug (#1002)


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