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UltraEdit/UEStudio wordfiles

The official repo for UE/UES wordfiles - syntax highlighting for the best text editor in the world.

Adding a wordfile

Users who are less comfortable with git and/or GitHub are still welcome to submit new wordfiles to But we encourage more advanced users to submit any proposed changes or new syntax files directly through our GitHub repo. Submit a pull request, and once we've verified your work, we'll merge, deploy and publish for the rest of the UE community. We thank you in advance for your awesome contributions!

As a general guideline - we'd like to keep this repo as clean as possible for programmatic access via the GitHub API.

For more info on creating wordfiles, see our wordfiles page on

Downloading wordfiles

If you're only looking for single wordfiles, the easiest way to download is at our wordfiles page.

It is also possible to download all of the files at once by cloning this repository to your computer, or downloading a .zip file using GitHub's 'Download Zip' button.

Need some info on cloning a repo? GitHub has a wealth of information on cloning.

Happy editing :)


The official repository for UltraEdit and UEStudio wordfiles. Download individually at on our site: