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Eagle Libraries

T-Stick Digital Musical Instrument

Documentation Repository - IDMIL

This repository hosts up to date firmware for the instruments currently at the IDMIL. Driver and Instrument patches in Max/MSP. Spec Sheets and Schematics for all instruments.

As of October 2018 there are 9 instruments at the IDMIL:

1 T-Stick Tenor (2G)

6 T-Stick Soprano (2G, 2GX, 2G-IMU)

2 T-Stick Sopranino (2G, 2GW)

Project webpage:

Created by Alex Nieva - Oct 2018.

IDMIL - Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory -

CIRMMT - Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology -

Schulich School of Music - McGill University

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