Web Audio Speech Synthesis / Recognition for p5.js
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Web Audio Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition Implementation for p5.js (http://p5js.org)

R. Luke DuBois (dubois@nyu.edu)
ABILITY Lab / Brooklyn Experimental Media Center

This is a simple p5 extension to provide Web Speech (Synthesis and Recognition) API functionality. It consists of two object classes (p5.Speech and p5.SpeechRec) along with accessor functions to speak and listen for text, change parameters (synthesis voices, recognition models, etc.), and retrieve callbacks from the system.

Speech recognition requires launching from a server (e.g. a python simpleserver on a local machine).

Simple Example (Synthesis)

var foo = new p5.Speech(); // speech synthesis object
foo.speak('hi there'); // say something

Simple Example (Recognition)

var foo = new p5.SpeechRec(); // speech recognition object (will prompt for mic access)
foo.onResult = showResult; // bind callback function to trigger when speech is recognized
foo.start(); // start listening

function showResult()
  console.log(foo.resultString); // log the result