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This repository contains a collection of EPUB documents used for evaluating feature coverage in EPUB Reading Systems.

The primary focus of the collection is on human-evaluated binary (pass/fail) tests. Included tests are of two types: A) required and B) optional Reading System functionality. While the tests in category A are the ones used for "formal" specification conformance testing, the tests in category B are included since they nevertheless provide useful information.

The collection uses some fairly simple markup conventions to provide easy navigation and clarity, and to allow the automated generation of a results form template.

Users: Getting the test suite files

TODO link to downloads and brief overview of the scope of different files

Users: Performing the testing procedure

TODO instructions for the results form and stepping through the eval process.

Contributors: Adding new tests

Following a few simple markup conventions, the process for adding a new test is:

  1. Locate the, or create a new, content document to contain the test. (Note that content docs are themed by functionality areas.)
  2. Add a wrapper element with an ID and class='ctest' (for required Reading System functionality) or class='otest' (for optional Reading System functionality)
  3. Echo the ID value given in 2 above in a descendant element text node with class 'test-id'
  4. Add the human readable description of the test intent inside the wrapper. Give the element the class 'desc'. The description typically has the form "Test whether [feature] is supported"
  5. Add the evaluation criteria for the test pass/fail states inside the wrapper. This typically has the form "If [observable or invokable condition], the test passes".
  6. Add a link to the test in the navigation document (typically xhtml/nav.xhtml). Note that the Navigation Document serves as the self-documenting list of available tests. Each test, regardless of whether it is required or optional, is linked to from the nav doc using the wrapper ID mentioned above.
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