OneWorld South Asia have developed a IDS Knowledge Services plug in for the popular Plone CMS. The plug in allows the administrator to select content from either BRIDGE or Eldis, and import this as new articles in the site.
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EldisArticle 1.0.0

  The IDS web API provides a way for programmers to use the data and metadata contained in the datasets that IDS maintains - namely BRIDGE and ELDIS. The API can be used for search or for retreiving all the metadata about an object stored in the IDS datasets.

  <b>Overview:</b> The Eldis search API is a HTTP service in a REST style architecture. It allows search of datacore assets based upon a query and a number of meta-data criteria. It also allows a searching of the category hierarchy within the datacore. Data is returned as either JSON or XML, and asset records can be returned in a number of formats, including short form and full form.

  Authentication In order to successfully use the API, users are required to sign up with a Unique ID. It is required that these tokens are sent with every request within the HTTP header. To register for an API key visit
Rate limiting Users are currently limited to 30 HTTP requests per minute. Once this has been exceeded, users will receive an HTTP 400 response from the server.

  Searching This allows the assets in the datacore to be searched. In order to search, users will need to specify the /search/ parameter after the base URL, and follow this with the query for that search (for example, to search for biofuels, /search/biofuels/etc..). Users are further able to filter the results by specifying a combination of the meta-data criteria below. Each of these should appear in the same /key/value/ format.

  For more API details please visit

  This product is covered by a license. See LICENSE.txt


 1. Zope Product

    Extract this tarball into your Zope Product folder
    and restart Zope when you did so.

Created by:

    <p><a> Subhendu Kumar Giri </a></p>