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Wikipedia Corpus Converter

This project was developed at Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS) in Mannheim, Germany. The aim of the project was to automatically generate Wikipedia corpora in I5 format (,
the XML format used in the German Reference Corpora (Deutsches Referenzkorpus - DeReKo) hosted by IDS.

This task is done in two stages: firstly wikitext is converted to XML, and secondly the XML-ized Wikipedia pages are converted to I5. For the first conversion stage, we use Sweble parser version 2.0.0-alpha-2-SNAPSHOT, and for the second conversion stage, Saxon-EE A Saxon-HE version is not applicable, because the XSLT Stylesheets converting XML to I5 make use of Saxon extension functions.

For questions and suggestions, please contact Eliza Margaretha (margaretha at or Harald Lüngen (luengen at

The codes in this project is licensed under GPL v3.