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A script for Dawn of the Dragons, that works based on data provided to via UgUp.

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We support Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Please make sure to update your installation of those on a regular basis, since we can't guarantee, that the script will work on outdated versions.

What is it?

IDotD combines a raid catcher, a way of automatically joining desired raids, with a few other tools like chatrooms with raid-sharing options within those specific rooms, looking up tiers and calculation what piece of land to buy next.

Additionally there are a few platform specific features, for example quick information about players in the kongregate chat rooms or a timeable autojoin for newgrounds to replace the usual ones on other platforms.

Most information is avaible at this project's wiki - feel free to help out there.

Bugs, desired Features etc.

We prefer the usage of the tracker here, otherwise we do import requests from GoogleDocs from time to time. Previous GoogleDoc Tickets

Otherwise feel free to contact us via chat.

How To Help

We can use helpers for the following:

  • update and improve the wiki
  • help coding the userscript
  • testing any of the branches.

For any of the later two have a look at the related documentation in the wiki.


A script for dawn of the dragons, that works based on data provided to via UgUp







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