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Some scripts from the Hack(at)ONG 2016

Most of the scripts for the Hack(at)ONG 2016 were done command-line using perl one-liners, with the exception of the NER and the entity linking (


Download to reuniones.bin from a Web broswer and put it into a subdirectory "crawl".

crawl$ grep reunion.asp reuniones.bin | perl -ne 's/\&/\&/;s/\".*//; $c=chr(39); chomp; print "sleep 2s; wget ".$c."$_".$c."\n"'> ./
$ bash ./


$ mkdir utf8
$ cd crawl
crawl$ for i in reunion.asp\?p\=1 *; do iconv -f LATIN1 -t utf8 $i > ../utf8/$i; done

Extract text

$ mkdir txt
$ cd utf8
utf8$ for i in reunion.asp\?p\=1*; do pandoc -f html -t plain $i > ../txt/$i; done

Get attendee sheets

$ mkdir asistencia
$ grep asistencia.asp reuniones.bin | perl -ne 's/\&/\&/;s/\".*//; $c=chr(39); chomp; print "sleep 2s; wget ".$c."$_".$c."\n"' >
$ cd asistencia
asistencia$ bash ../
asistencia$ mkdir ../tablas_asistencia
asistencia$ for i in asistencia.asp\?per\=*; do cat $i| grep '<li>'|perl -pe 's/\<\/?li>//g;s/\<i>.*//'| iconv -f latin1 -t utf-8 > ../tablas_asistencia/$i; done

Assign genders to attendee sheets

(in gender folder there should be files from

$ mkdir tablas_asistencia_gender
$ cd gender
gender$ for i in ../tablas_asistencia/*; do j=${i##../tablas_asistencia/}; cat $i | perl -e 'use utf8; use open ":std", ":encoding(utf8)";open(M,"wiki-male.names");@m=<M>;chomp@m;%m=map{uc($_)=>1}@m;open(M,"wiki-male.names,ascii");@mm=<M>;chomp@mm;foreach(@mm){$m{uc($_)}=1};open(F,"wiki-female.names");@f=<F>;chomp@f;%f=map{uc($_)=>1}@f;open(F,"wiki-female.names,ascii");@ff=<F>;chomp@ff;foreach(@ff){$f{uc($_)}=1};while(<STDIN>){chomp;s/\s+$//;print; print "\t"; s/.*,//;@n=split(/\s+/,$_);$p=0;foreach$n(@n){if($m{uc($n)}){print"m";$p=1;last};if($f{uc($n)}){print"f";$p=1;last}};if(!$p){print"M"};print"\n"}' > ../tablas_asistencia_gender/$j; done

Obtain dates for each session

$ cd utf8
utf8$ grep subtit * | perl -ne 'if(m/\d\d\/\d\d\/\d{4}/){s/reunion.asp\?p=//;s/\:.*tit\">/\t/;s/\<.*//;print}' > ../dates.tsv


Need to have Java 7 installed and Ant. The txt folder should be a subfolder or edit build.xml run target to point to different folder.

$ ant build
$ ant run
$ mv output.csv ner.tsv


$ cat ner.tsv | perl ./  > final.tsv
$ cat final.tsv | sort -n|perl -ne '@a=m/([^\t]+)\t(.*)/;($y,$m,$d)=$a[0]=~m/(\d{4})(\d\d)(\d\d)/;print "$d/$m/$y\t$a[1]\n"'> final-sorted.tsv

Bonus: extract keywords

Requires dates.tsv and txt folder.

$ perl ./ > keywords.tsv

Bonus: data dumps for demo

Requires final-sorted.tsv, dates.tsv, keywords.tsv.

$ cat ./final-sorted.tsv |perl -e '@a=<STDIN>;chomp@a; @a=map{ [ split(/\t/,$_) ] }@a;for$i(1..4){print "var trace$i={\nx: [\"";print join("\",\"",map { $_->[0] }@a);print "\"],\n";print "y: [";print join(",",map {$_->[$i]}@a);print"],\ntype: \"scatter\"\n};\n"}' > data0.js
$ cat ./dates.tsv |perl -e 'print "var date2url = { \n";while(<STDIN>){chomp;($u,$d)=split(/\t/,$_);print "\"$d\": \"$u\",\n";};print "};\n"' > data1.js
$ cat ./keywords.tsv|perl -e 'print "var date2kwd = { \n";while(<STDIN>){chomp;@a=split(/\t/,$_);@k=();@s=();$d=shift@a;shift@a;while(@a){push@k,shift@a;push@s,shift@a;};@d=split(//,$d);print "\"".$d[6].$d[7]."/".$d[4].$d[5]."/".$d[0].$d[1].$d[2].$d[3]."\": {\n";print "keywords: [ \"".join("\",\"",@k)."\"],\nscores: [".join(",",@s)."]\n},\n";}; print "};\n"' > data2.js
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