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LEDs can be turned on and off at will. They are used to give feedback to the users by shining a light of certain color, or not.

For a simple example using LEDs look at the Blink application description - or at: MansOS/apps/demo/Blink


LED names and aliases are defined in the respective platform's directory, in ledslist.h file.

However, the functions they support are created in MansOS/mos/include/leds.h


Individual LEDs

For example, the redLed has the following functions available:

void redLedInit(void)
void redLedSet(uint8_t val)
void redLedOn(void)
void redLedOff(void)
void redLedToggle(void)
uint_t redLedGet(void)
uint_t redLedMask(void)

Every LED also has the following constants (enums) associated with it:

redLed_num  // the number in the order of LEDs
redLed_mask // the mask when addressing this LED in the all-LED configuration bitmask

Multiple LEDs

  • Initialize the LED pins, turn them off

      void initLeds()
  • Set LEDs from a bitmask

      void ledsSet(uint_t led_bitmask)
  • Which LEDs are on? Returns a bitmask with the status of all LEDs

      uint_t ledsGet(void)
  • Turn LEDs on using a bitmask

  • Turn LEDs off using a bitmask

  • Toggle LEDs using a bitmask

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