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MansOS was developed for Linux environment (Ubuntu), but also works in Microsoft Windows and OS X.

The installation of MansOS requires downloading this repository and the relevant toolchain(s) depending on the platform that you want to use.

Setup for Linux

  1. Download the repository and extract the archive to the location where you want to keep it. An alternative is to check out the project using git. This has the advantage of being able to update the repository.

  2. Enter any /apps/Demo project directory

  3. Run

     make setup target

    where "target" is your target platform. This should install the relevant tool-chain for your system, and may ask for your sudo password.

  4. Use MansOS

Setup for Windows

One could start by downloading this repository and then install the necessary tools. However, there is an installer available here, which is not the latest version of MansOS, but should work.

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