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Note, you can ask MansOS to provide the list of targets and options or help as follows:

make targets
make options
make help

Development flow for using MansOS is usually as follows:

  1. Develop code
  2. Compile for target platform
  3. Upload to target platform
  4. Test

There are two ways how this can be done: using command line make system, or using the MansOS integrated development environment (IDE) via web browser (Firefox).

Developing with command line

All of the actions for developing can be done using MansOS make system, except for editing the source files.

A good tutorial start would be to go to the MansOS/apps/demo/Blink project and:

  • Compile, for example, for the "telosb" platform:
make telosb
  • Upload the compiled code to the platform attached to the host computer, for example, by a USB link:
make upload

Alternatively, you may try compiling for the host PC and running the application there (stop with Ctrl-C):

make pc
make run

Developing with IDE

You can start MansOS IDE by running:


Developing with Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text Editor is a fine editor for any programmer. It can also be used as IDE. To ease developing with Sublime Text we have created a build system that you can integrate with your text editor. Look for the file here:

MansOS/tools/sublime/MansOS make.sublime-build

and copy this file in your Packages/User directory for the Sublime text. The directory can be found from the editor menu: Preferences -> Browse Packages...

Then you can enable the build system by choosing Tools -> Build System -> MansOS make. The usage is as follows: whenever you want to make, compile, or upload your code to a device, choose Tools -> Build Width... or use a shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B and choose the desired action from the list.

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