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IEEE VIT Student Chapter

The central code repository for Open Source projects done by the members of IEEE-VIT SB

This is IEEE-VIT.


IEEE VIT is a community comprising the most persevering of student developers, designers and managers. Our ever-growing arsenal of projects cover a range of domains and technologies, all the way from Web Development and App, to Machine Learning and Electronics.

We 💙 open source development. If you're here, chances are you do too! Contribute to our projects!

Hacktoberfest is upon us yet again! And with it, spooky season! Our two favorite things! We've got a multitude of projects covering an assortment of domains coming your way over the next few days for Hacktoberfest, so stay tuned! 👾🧑‍🚀


  1. pykitzoid Public

    This is a repository containing a package coded in Go language, with the motive of providing ML support.

    Go 6 6

  2. playtify Public

    Playtify is a flutter app that recommends a playlist based on your mood!

    Dart 6 6

  3. A beginner friendly repository to help users learn and contribute towards open source

    C++ 11 35

  4. spectra Public

    Spectra is a simple color-picker app made in python3.

    Python 5 3

  5. RazorType Public

    A hacktoberfest React app of a fun type speed illustrator.

    JavaScript 2 3

  6. Coint Public

    A basic crypto currency app that displays real-time values and notifies when it reaches a certain price range set by the user. The app also has a conversion feature to help users convert and compar…

    Kotlin 13 7


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