These apps are built by students for IEEEmadC 2017
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These apps are built by students for IEEEmadC 2017 Deadline 15th July 2017 Note: If the apk file size above 100MB share the Google Drive link insted of repository link.

Submit via Github :

Click here to submit

  • Share team name and your repository link Stage 1 completed. Stage 2 on website.

Apps Submitted

App File Team Name Short Description Licence Country Author
Real Measure Carbon-Base Amazing application for real object measuring! NA Poland Jakub Węgielewski
University Student Rating USR The development application is for students and teaching staff of Universities. MIT Latvia Artur Rinkis
FightCrimes Binary An app for fighting crimes. Store information and post them. MIT Bangladesh Nishargo Nigar, Alaa Noor
RunToCoins Toto's Interactive public places through Augmented Reality in outdoor environments. BSD Mexico Alberto & Javier Maldonado Romo
HealthDiary this.mTeamName The application solves the problem of maintaining records of health information during a certain time. MIT Osijek Mario Dudjak
Surprise World Cards Davinci's Dream Team This app seeks to promote learning about the world that the little ones are beginning to know. MIT Colombia Natalia Ortiz Maldonado, Oscar Alfonso Ochoa Caballero
VR4Edu vr4ed There are lot of virtual reality videos. And In VR School category. There are a experimental react-vr app for education MIT Turky Muhammet Demirci, Erçetin Kuyucu
Clean Sea Solis This app aims to educate people about environmental issues, reduce diseases and keep the ocean clean. MIT Brazil Rafael Solis Melo
SkyPay SkyBlue SkyPay will be a secured decentralised banking payment solution that would allow totally anonymous transactions to initiate by adoption of blockchain network. MIT India Saransh Mittal
GuideUS Trinity This will be a helpful system created for visually impaired people. MIT Bangladesh Nishargo Nigar, Anannya Banerjee, Nasrin Siddiqua
ColdBox Hodor ColdBox is an android application that allows you to book a doorstep appointment to vaccinate your child. MIT India Kanan Vyas, Harsh Patel
PhotoWrote Shadower Idea is about to write information on pictures without destroying the original picture . MIT Iran Amirhossein ranjbar
ChemAR ELECTRIFIERZ Study of chemistry fun and easy by visualizing 3D molecular structures right at your desk with Augmented Reality. MIT India Rijo Abraham
MeEnsina MeEnsina MeEnsina is a social application. Our goal is to help students study in groups or participate in monitoring. MIT Brazil
My Diagnostic Dev4u My Diagnostic is an app designed to help the user know about a specific disease MIT El Salvador Jonathan Giovanny Hernandez, Marvin Antonio Mendez
ResearchHero IIUC_madResearchers ResearchHero allows users who are completely new to research to learn about research in an interactive way MIT Bangladesh Abir Bin Ayub Khan, Tanveer Rahman
Volunteers RedTeddy Event Management Application GPL-3.0 India Amrith M, Aarya R. Shankar
Travy Nullify Connecting people who share a common love for traveling MIT India Abhishek Palodath , Maneesh Ashutosh , Sipin CP
MediQ TryCatch MediQ - “End the Hassle of Waiting. Manage Time” MIT Sri Lanka Wasura Wattearachchi, Hisan Hunais, Kasun Dissanayake
SOS - The Healthcare Companion Team SOS Single place the user can go to to deal with all things health care and also have a great user experience GPL-3.0 India Adithya J, Aditya Manoharan, Vishwanath Jeyaraman
Dentogram Froyo An app made with surgical precision, specifically for the doctors to add their patients along with maintaining a record of their health and prescribing medicines. Apache 2.0 India Parini Shah, Krish Shah, Suchit Sanghvi
FINN FINN Personal healthcare companion MIT India Deepanshi Bansal, Samraj Agarwal, Punya Aachman
Instruct Me Shoubra Get a contact for an instructor to develop Skill MIT Egypt Mahmoud Magdy Faiek
Localee BRduo Platform for musicians and artists to share their work through free events MIT Brazil Higor Araújo dos Anjos, Marcos Henrique Alves da Silva
BookED Pikachu BookED is an online platform to exchange or donate your books free of cost. MIT India Prabhav Gupta
Lost_AND_Survive Buet_Matrix Travelers will find this app extremely helpful as this enables them to know about various useful information while travelling to distant places, knowing about current location, sending messages , getting direction info and torchlight facility. MIT Bangladesh Farhan Tanvir Utshaw, Waqar Hassan Khan, Ahmed Nafis Fuad
Citiscope OK Find a person or agent for a specific service MIT Bangladesh Syed Fatiul Huq, Maliha Nawshin Rahman, S M Shakhawat Hossain
Sci-Tab 3louQ An easy Periodic Table app MIT Egypt Hani Mohamed Hussein, Mahmoud Ahmed Saber, Ahmed Abd Elbadee Elsayed
ClassPrep Aerial ClassPrep is an application for students to be more productive while preparing for classes. MIT Sri Lanka Senuri De Silva, Sanuwani Dayarathna, Manoj Nilanga
Pal TechLeon A socializing application. MIT India Ajay Mohan
AllForOne GirlPowerIEEE All For One is an application aimed at women, which seeks to provide a safe environment and encourage collaboration among them to obtain information about medical services and places. MIT Bahia  Larrissa Dantas Xavier, Lisley Uchoa da Silva, Rayane Stephanie Feitosa Navarro de Araújo
DietBuddyV1.0 Tralice A Smart Diet Planer for that suits to the modern and busy routines. MIT Sri Lanka
Sohoj Vromon RsquareN Travellers can get information from this app like which one has still got tickets for travelling from the city. MIT Bangladesh Runa laila, Nafeez Zawad Hossain, Rahman, Md.Hafijur
EventMe Coders' Intersection Android application for planning your events. MIT India Ramkumar B, Aswin Sundar, Vigneshwaran D.

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Contact at with your team name if you face any issues.

For submission kindly include following in the repository:

  • Hi-res icon Default – English 512 x 512 32-bit PNG, Feature graphic Default – English – 1024 w x 500 h JPG or 24-bit PNG, Promo Graphic Default – English 180 w x 120 h JPG or 24-bit PNG

  • Screenshots Default – English JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Min length for any side: 320px. Max length for any side: 3840px.At least 2 screenshots are required overall. Max 8 screenshots per type. For your app to be showcased in the 'Designed for tablets' list in the Play Store, you need to upload at least one 7-inch and one 10-inch screenshot.


  • UPLOAD CODE AND APP. Include some Licence.

  • Complete Stage 2 on webiste Follow the example

Thank you for participating in IEEEmadC !!

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