Track OER is a JISC and HEFCE-funded project to facilitate Web analytics for Open Educational Resources.
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Track OER is a JISC and HEFCE-funded project to facilitate Web analytics for Open Educational Resources.

trackoer-core is the central web application for the Project, providing clean URL redirection to no-Javascript web-bugs for Piwik, an OER license-tracker embed-code service for Creative Commons, Piwik and Google Analytics, and test/demonstration pages.

trackoer-core combines three user-interfaces or modes in one: Web, Web-API and commandline (CLI) batch processing.


  • Apache 2.2+ - Web/ Web-API modes only
    • mod_rewrite and .htaccess (or access to httpd.conf)
  • PHP 5.2+
    • cURL, json_encode
  • (Piwik 1.8+ -- this can be run on a separate server/host.)


To install trackoer-core follow these steps:

  1. Download a Zip, or clone the code

    git clone
    cd trackoer-core/application
  2. Copy the default configuration file

    cp config/trackoer_config.dist.php config/trackoer_config.php
  3. Edit the configuration file.. (see comments in the PHP for now)

    vi config/trackoer_config.php
  4. CLI mode: copy and edit the batch configuration file

    cp config/batch_config.sample.php config/batch_config.php
    vi config/batch_config.php
  5. Web/Web-API modes: (Re-)start Apache

    service httpd restart



14-21 August 2012

  • DONE. Implement a status/log feature for oerform,
  • DONE. Add <link rel=alternate> to oerform - point to oEmbed service,
  • DONE. Add visible links to alternative formats - point to oEmbed service,
  • DONE. Example links for oerform,
  • DONE. Tidy up oerform UI - minimalist!
  • ? Fix the tracking snippet - source-path,
  • DONE. Fix "oucontent/view.php?id=471422§ion=3" - & matters!
  • DONE. Javascript 'select-all' for oerform,
  • Document the proposed oEmbed/oerform API,
  • DONE. Implement GA/Google_Tracker,
  • PART. About page; Todo - donottrack etc.


trackoer-core: Copyright 2012 The Open University.


Track OER (trackoer-core) is developed by the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, with support from JISC.

For full credits and licenses see docs/

Ohloh project report