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Credits and licenses

Particular thanks to... Scott Leslie who got the ball rolling as an OLnet visiting fellow.


No-JS redirect to Piwik/ Google Analytics webbug: Copyright 2010-07-20 The Open University

Bridge to Success content: Copyright 2011 The Open University.

CodeIgniter: Copyright (c) 2008 - 2012, EllisLab, Inc.

Layout library: Copyright 2006-2009, CI Toby, adaykin and others.

codeigniter-piwik: Copyright 2010 Bryce Johnston

php-po-parser: Copyright (C) 2008, Iulian Ilea (, all rights reserved.

oer_license_parser.js: Copyright (C) 2011 by Pat Lockley.

parseuri.js / 1.2.2: (c) Steven Levithan <>

parseurl-dom.js / parseURL: Copyright 2009-02-19 James Padolsey

buster.js: @license MIT License (c) copyright B Cavalier & J Hann

Ender/jeesh.js: copyright Dustin Diaz & Jacob Thornton 2011 (@ded @fat)

CaPReT public Javascript

Google Analytics JS v1/gajs.js: Copyright (c) 2009 Remy Sharp

ierange.js: Copyright (c) 2009 Tim Cameron Ryan


yepnope.js: By Alex Sexton, Ralph Holzmann

PageDown/Markdown.Converter.js: balpha@stackoverflow Copyright Tobin Harris/ Engineroom.