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IETF 108 project presentations

This repo is for IETF hackathon participants to upload their hackathon project presentations. The contents of this repo will be used as the source for all project presentations at the end of the hackathon and remain as a reference after the hackathon. Presenters are welcome to run their own presentations using the screen sharing functionality in Meetecho. Alternatively, the hackathon chairs can share your presentation and advance slides for you. For portability, please upload your presentation in PDF format.

You MUST be a member of the IETF-Hackathon GitHub org to upload a new presentation or update/replace an existing presentation.

To be added as a member, please be sure to:

  • include the name by which you are known as part of your in your GitHub profile
  • enable two factor authentication (2FA)
  • send your GitHub user name to Charles Eckel

Please do this at your earliest convenience. DO NOT WAIT until just before hackathon project presentations start or your request may be lost in the chaos.

For more info on the hackathon, including the complete and updated agenda, please see the Hackathon Wiki.


Presentations of project results at end of hackathon



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