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Stand alone js browser for EDAM Ontology
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Edam stand alone browser using d3.js

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The EDAM Browser is a client-side web-based visualization javascript widget. Its goals are to help describing bio-related resources and service with EDAM, and to facilitate and foster community contributions to EDAM.


Use it ...

... online

Go to

... locally

Download/clone the repository

Run python

It starts a web server allowing you to browse edam on localhost:20080.

... with a custom ontology

EDAM Browser can render ontology described in json following the schema, see here for more information on how to load a custom ontology.

Third party integration


A demo showing you how to add the tree visualization and how you can interact with the it programmatically is available at


The EDAM Browser relies on D3.js 4.13.0, JQuery 3.2.1, JQuery UI 1.12.1, Boostrap 3.3.7, and Font Awesome 4.7.0

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