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refs #8: add clEnqueueUnmapMemObject

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zhensydow committed Jan 13, 2012
1 parent e3b655c commit dc6e1746a1ffbf821b9e6b64757700fb32c5a3c1
Showing with 64 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +64 −3 src/Control/Parallel/OpenCL/CommandQueue.chs
@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ module Control.Parallel.OpenCL.CommandQueue(
clEnqueueReadBuffer, clEnqueueWriteBuffer, clEnqueueReadImage,
clEnqueueWriteImage, clEnqueueCopyImage, clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer,
clEnqueueCopyBufferToImage, clEnqueueMapBuffer, clEnqueueMapImage,
+ clEnqueueUnmapMemObject,
-- * Executing Kernels
clEnqueueNDRangeKernel, clEnqueueTask, clEnqueueMarker,
clEnqueueWaitForEvents, clEnqueueBarrier,
@@ -1121,10 +1122,70 @@ clEnqueueMapImage cq mem check xs (orix,oriy,oriz) (regx,regy,regz) events =
flags = bitmaskFromFlags xs
nevents = length events
cnevents = fromIntegral nevents
-foreign import CALLCONV "clEnqueueUnmapMemObject" raw_clEnqueueUnmapMemObject ::
- CLCommandQueue -> CLMem -> Ptr () -> CLuint -> Ptr CLEvent -> Ptr CLEvent -> IO CLint
+{-| Enqueues a command to unmap a previously mapped region of a memory object.
+Returns an event object that identifies this particular copy command and can be
+used to query or queue a wait for this particular command to complete. event can
+be NULL in which case it will not be possible for the application to query the
+status of this command or queue a wait for this command to
+complete. 'clEnqueueBarrier' can be used instead.
+Reads or writes from the host using the pointer returned by 'clEnqueueMapBuffer'
+or 'clEnqueueMapImage' are considered to be complete.
+'clEnqueueMapBuffer' and 'clEnqueueMapImage' increments the mapped count of the
+memory object. The initial mapped count value of a memory object is
+zero. Multiple calls to 'clEnqueueMapBuffer' or 'clEnqueueMapImage' on the same
+memory object will increment this mapped count by appropriate number of
+calls. 'clEnqueueUnmapMemObject' decrements the mapped count of the memory
+'clEnqueueMapBuffer' and 'clEnqueueMapImage' act as synchronization points for a
+region of the memory object being mapped.
+'clEnqueueUnmapMemObject' returns the 'CLEvent' if the function is executed
+successfully. It can throw the following 'CLError' exceptions:
+ * CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE if command_queue is not a valid command-queue.
+ * CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT if memobj is not a valid memory object.
+ * CL_INVALID_VALUE if mapped_ptr is not a valid pointer returned by
+'clEnqueueMapBuffer' or 'clEnqueueMapImage' for memobj.
+ * CL_INVALID_EVENT_WAIT_LIST if event objects in event_wait_list are not valid
+ * CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY if there is a failure to allocate resources required by
+the OpenCL implementation on the host.
+ * CL_INVALID_CONTEXT if the context associated with command_queue and memobj
+are not the same or if the context associated with command_queue and events in
+event_wait_list are not the same.
+clEnqueueUnmapMemObject :: CLCommandQueue
+ -> CLMem -- ^ A valid memory object. The OpenCL
+ -- context associated with command_queue and
+ -- memobj must be the same.
+ -> Ptr () -- ^ The host address returned by a
+ -- previous call to 'clEnqueueMapBuffer' or
+ -- 'clEnqueueMapImage' for memobj.
+ -> [CLEvent] -- ^ Specify events that need to
+ -- complete before
+ -- 'clEnqueueUnmapMemObject' can be
+ -- executed. If event_wait_list is
+ -- empty, then 'clEnqueueUnmapMemObject'
+ -- does not wait on any event to
+ -- complete. The events specified in
+ -- event_wait_list act as
+ -- synchronization points. The context
+ -- associated with events in
+ -- event_wait_list and command_queue
+ -- must be the same.
+ -> IO CLEvent
+clEnqueueUnmapMemObject cq mem pp = clEnqueue (raw_clEnqueueUnmapMemObject cq mem pp)
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
{-| Enqueues a command to execute a kernel on a device. Each work-item is

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