ROS Indigo/Kinetic metapackage for the KUKA LBR IIWA R800/R820 (7/14 Kg).
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ROS Indigo/Kinetic metapackage for the KUKA LBR IIWA R800/R820 (7/14 Kg).

Current version : v-1.2.0 for Sunrise 1.10 - 1.14
Using a previous version of Sunrise?

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  • Native ROSJava nodes running on the robot as a Sunrise RoboticApplication: supports ROS parameters, topics, services, etc.
  • Integration of KUKA's SmartServo motions:
    • joint position, joint velocity and cartesian position control via simple ROS messages.
    • online configuration of JointImpedance, CartesianImpedance, DesiredForce and Sine(Force)Pattern via ROS service.
    • online configuration of joint velocity and acceleration via ROS service.
    • updates on the time left to reach the commanded destination via ROS service.
  • The Sunrise tool to use can be selected via a ROS parameter.
  • Gravity compensation by setting the appropriate JointImpedance values.
  • NTP synchronization with a server running on the ROS master
  • full MoveIt! integration
  • Gazebo support


The features and usage of the stack are described in depth on its WIKI.
We strongly suggest to have a look at the wiki to have a better understanding of the code, both for its use and its extension.
Do you have problems? First, please check the FAQs. Issues or emails are always welcome!


If you use iiwa_stack for reseach, you could cite the following work. It is the first publication where it was used.

  title={Towards MRI-based autonomous robotic US acquisitions: a first feasibility study},
  author={Hennersperger, Christoph and Fuerst, Bernhard and Virga, Salvatore and Zettinig, Oliver and Frisch, Benjamin and Neff, Thomas and Navab, Nassir},
  journal={IEEE transactions on medical imaging},


This repository takes inspiration from the work of :

Most of the original files were completely refactored though.


Salvatore Virga :
Marco Esposito :