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Updated Apr 26, 2019

UI "glue" and any portal-specific functionality that spans all bounded contexts, such as authentication.

Project Managment

Updated Aug 15, 2018

Tasks and issues that are not ready yet, but where planning magic happens


Updated Sep 29, 2018

Bounded context for handling inbound and outbound notifications between CBS and users/volunteers.


Updated Mar 5, 2018

No description


Updated Apr 13, 2019

Alert escalation when a threshold is reached. Escalation in this case can mean notifying nearby data collectors of health events, notifying data managers and notifying local authorities such as the Ministry of Health.


Updated Apr 22, 2019

Web-based visualization of all incoming case reports. The level of detail within a report is dependent on the "role" of the user.


Updated May 16, 2019

Processing all incoming case reports from data collectors in the field and respond with messages to them. Displaying of all incoming case reports to data verifiers and data owners. Message individual data collectors, data collectors within an area or all data collectors in a project.


Updated Apr 13, 2018

Underlying infrastructure and inter bounded context communication.


Updated Apr 3, 2019

Web-based interface for system admins where they define the global configuration within CBS, such as alert thresholds, health events, SMS gateway to use etc. They also have the ability to create new CBS projects.

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