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A library of models created with MagicVoxel (
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A library of models created with MagicaVoxel.

Setup MagicaVoxel

After cloning this repository, open the file config/config.txt of your MagicaVoxel setup. Modify the two values of dir_model and dir_pattern from the default [[$/vox]] to [[$/{RelativePathToYourRepositoryUrl}]]. Note that you need to adjust the {RelativePathToYourRepositoryUrl} value to fit your folder structure. Open MagicaVoxel and the project view should show you the content of this MagicaVoxelLibrary.

Folder structure

The folder structure defines a folder for each working space. If you want to work only in a special space, it is recommend to modify your MagicaVoxel setup, that the dir_model and dir_pattern variables point to the relevant folders. For example, if you want to work only in the medium density LEGO-System space, the dir_model variable should defined to [[$/{RelativePathToYourRepositoryUrl}/LEGO-System/MD]] and the dir_pattern variable to [[$/{RelativePathToYourRepositoryUrl}/LEGO-System/MD/Patterns]].

File structure


The filename for a lego MagicaVoxelLibrary file must start with the setnummber followed by a hyphen followed by the density definition.

Brick definitions


There are 2 different definitions of a LEGO-System brick for the MagicaVoxelLibrary.

  • LD (Low density) for 1 brick equals 1 voxel
  • MD (Medium density) for 1 brick equals 2 * 2 * 3 (width * depth * height) voxels
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