Java sample application to access the IG Web API
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IG Web API Java Sample

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This repository contains two simple Java console sample applications which access the IG REST and Streaming APIs:

  1. ig-webapi-java-sample-console: A basic console based application which logs in via /session V2, retrieves a list of position, watchlist, subscribes to lightstreamer and create a position.

  2. ig-webapi-java-sample-console-ui: A UI based console application (please increase the windows size to prevent scrolling) which shows a graph with the current market price and allows user to place a trade. Authentication is via /session V3.

Getting started

  1. Set the destination IG environment in

  2. Open a command line / shell prompt and run mvn clean to install the Lighstreamer client in ig-webapi-java-client/lib to your local maven repository.

  3. Run mvn clean install to build the project.

4.a) Run basic console app:

    cd ig-webapi-java-sample-console
    java -jar target\ig-webapi-java-sample-console-<project version>.jar <username> <password> <api key>

4.b) Run UI based console app

    cd ig-webapi-java-sample-console-ui
    java -jar target\ig-webapi-java-sample-console-ui-<project version>.jar <username> <password> <api key> [<optional epic>]

To attach a remote debugger: java -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8000,server=y,suspend=y -jar target\ig-webapi-java-sample-console...