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Republia Times was created by Lucas Pope @dukope

Known Issues

  • News item "New fall TV programming will focus on [GOV]'s rebuilding" (newsitem_construct63_1) will appear on the newspaper as "Stars Dance For Vets!" (newsitem_construct62_2) instead of "Fall TV Revealaed!" (newsitem_construct63_2). Please ignore the issue and translate normally.
  • The quotation marks ", ‹ › and 〟do not display correctly. If needed, we recommend using ‘ ’, “ ”, « » or simply a pair of commas and apostrophe ,, ''
  • Newsitem_construct6 (Please help us. The government's tyranny must end! Place negative articles! [...]) should start with *** like the other messages sent by the revolution. Feel free to add them back in the translation if you want.
  • Some sentences might appear surrounded by " quotation marks when displayed online but not on a local copy, despite using the exact same translation and game files. This is something we are investigating, but rest assured that jurors will not penalize for this.
  • The French character "œ" is not supported by the game and will not appear on screen. Please use "oe" instead.
  • On article headers of the smallest size, the German letter û gets erroneously displayed as u and the letter ü gets erroneously as û due to a font issue. Ignore the issue and translate normally.
  • The º masculine ordinal indicator and the ª feminine ordinal indicator are supported by only two fonts of the game (the news ticker and the one used for the middle sized headers). If needed you can replace the former with the ° degree sign, while for the latter you can only use a normal "a" or reword.
  • Non-breaking spaces, commonly used for French punctuation, are not supported by the game and will not appear on screen. Please use normal spaces instead (très désolés!).
  • A few strings ("L", "R", "[G]", "The paper's decreasing readership has reduced its influence") have not been seen in the game and might be obsolete. Just try and translate them as is, sticking to the original length as much as possible.
  • Strings "morningstate_getperfmsg6" and "morningstate_getperfmsg6" are both "DISASTROUS". This is by design, translate as is.
  • The 6AM-6PM caption under the clock is part of the background and cannot be localized.
  • If you press + or - on your keyboard while playing, a volume bar will appear. This element belongs to an underlying library and cannot be localized.
  • In general, remember that the game was created in just 48 hours, and thus the source text contains a few spelling mistakes and incongruities. Feel free to fix them in your translation