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Universal index of the fund investing in blockchain technology

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Universal index of the fund investing in blockchain technology.

Standard: ERC-20

Symbol: IGF

Decimals: 8

Contract: 0xA261e1facd9e90233dC08f785c2B1Fb1691024bA

Total Supply: 10 000 000 IGF

Circulating Supply: 1 600 000 IGF

IGF Fund Strategy – The Basis of the IGF Token

The Fund pursues a dynamic, quantitatively driven strategy which takes advantage of consistent market phenomenon with active risk management to drive market leading returns

Fund Overview

The Fund seeks to provide investors with strong, consistent returns by taking advantage of volatility and equity risk premium, a consistent phenomenon in the securities markets; The Fund uses a dynamic model that seeks to perform well in both trending and sideways markets, with minimal Beta correlation to the market;

IGF Token Advantages

Token as an Index: IGF Token includes an extensive portfolio of top cryptocurrencies. Re-sellable: Tokens are immediately re-sellable. Proven Track Record: The Fund has generated gross annualized returns of 459,35% in 2017. No Minimum Investment: Unlike typical investments in hedge fund which require large capital contributions, a Token may be purchased with as little as $1. No Fees: Fund does not charge ant fees and other additional payments for investing in additional tokens, as well as buying and selling existing tokens on open markets. Reinvesting mechanism: Investor may choose option for profits to be automatically transferred to the fund's tokens and credited to the investor's account. Bonus program: Each investor can invite any number of new investors and receive certain percent of their profits as a bonus.

Distribution of Profits

Each quarter, as soon as practical after the close of the month the Issuer will publish, securely yet publicly visible, the performance of the Fund. The profits will be distributed directly to each Investors ETH account. The structure of the distribution of Fund profits: • 60% - investment income, paid to investors of the Fund; • 10% - reinvestment; • 10% - stabilization fund; • 10% - bonus program payments; • 10% - remuneration of the Fund team and administrative expenses.

Stabilization Fund

The Fund has Stabilization Fund created to ensure the most stable operation of the Fund and possible sharp jumps in the market. The funds of the stabilization fund are directed exclusively to maintain the liquidity of the IGF token and cannot be used in the current activities of the Fund.

Bonus program

All Investors are invited to participate in the Fund's bonus program. As part of the bonus program, every Investor who can attract a new Investor to the Fund will be able to additionally receive 10% of the Profit, which will be credited to the funds that will be invested in the Fund by the Investor attracted by him. The program applies only to those Tokens that are purchased for the Ethereum in the IGF Personal Account and do not apply to tokens that are acquired from other Investors on the stock exchange or in any other way.


Any information forwarded to the Issuer by a potential Token purchaser will be treated on a confidential basis. If required to do so by law or regulation, the Issuer may pass on that information to a relevant third party. By applying to purchase Tokens, each purchaser is deemed to have consented to such release of confidential information.


A purchase of Tokens carries substantial risk. There can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Fund, as defined herein, will be achieved, and results may vary substantially over time.

The value of Tokens may go down as well as up, and Token purchasers may not get back the amount spent for Tokens. A purchase of Tokens is only suitable for sophisticated Tokenholders who are able to bear the loss of a substantial portion or even all of their investment. A purchase of Tokens is not intended to be a complete investment program for any investor. Presently, there is no public market for the Tokens and no market may ever exist for such Tokens.

Potential Token purchasers should carefully consider the risk factors set out in the “Supplemental Risk Disclosure” attached hereto when considering whether a purchase of Tokens is suitable for them in light of their circumstances and financial resources. Potential Token purchasers are advised to seek independent professional advice on the implications of purchasing Tokens.


Universal index of the fund investing in blockchain technology






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