Proof of concept to demonstrate the abilities of collecting information on a map to use in a serious game.
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Tactileo Quest is a proof of concept to demonstrate the abilities of collecting information on a map to use in a serious game. Tactileo is a french project of the Education Nationale that aims to study and define API for multi touch devices to bring such devices into school context. IGN-France is involved in this project in defining interactions with maps.

Disclaimer: This sample app is by no means a complete game or complete game engine. I wrote this code in about 4 days (including design and sprite) and additional cleanup/optimization should be used in a real-world game.


If you’d like to test this out on your own devices, you can now access it online at On Android you should better use Chrome and "Add to homescreen" to run the webapp fullscreen. On Iphone/IPad, tap the share button. On windows, don't use IExplorer on touch screen!

###Source code

Full source code for this demo application is available on GitHub under the CeCILL-B licence (a french BSD like licence). This code is provided as-is.

###Development Approach

This demo game is implemented entirely in HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript to ensure compatibility with all devices involved in the project. We may use PhoneGap or a Qt webview to encapsulate it in an app. It is an isometric RPG like game where the goal is to collect information on a map. I use the sprite sheets developped by the Liberated Pixel Cup team and the Guarav0's charater generator to create the sprites.

Game play mecanisms would be implemented afterwards to guide the student in a quest to solve a problem or to acquire informations in a school environment. The map used in this context is an old map layer (1820-1866) provided by the french Geoportail. I use the OpenLayers library to render it. For interaction with contents, the resources are provided by the french DBPedia project.

This project was also freely inspired by the PhoneGap-Legends game published by Andrew Trice (


The following assets were used in the creation of this sample app: