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Lock Me Now

Platform License

With this app you can lock your Mac OS in short time and protect your personal data!

You can choose any method that you like:

  • Assign hotkeys to lock your system;
  • Click on the icon in statusbar;
  • Leave the room with your bluetooth device (e.g. iPhone);
  • Disconnect your iPhone, iPad or iPod from computer.

You can choose any type to lock your system:

  • Login window;
  • Just lock your screen;
  • New method with nice widgets coming soon!

Security options:

  • Make user photo on wrong password;
  • Send photo via Mail.

Some features:

  • You can choose any method you like;
  • You don't need to resume iTunes music player any more;
  • You can hide app icon from the status bar;
  • Lock your computer with any bluetooth-device you have;
  • You can recommend the new locking types for us. We will add it to new releases and You will get a surprise from developers :)


Also there latest build,

or [nightly build] lockmenow_beta

Contribute to Development Goals Here:

BTC: 16tGJzt4gJJBhBetpV6BuaWuNfxvkdkbt4

BCH: bitcoincash:qpcwefpxddjqzdpcrx6tek3uh6x9v7t8tugu30jvks

LTC: litecoin:MLZxuAdJCaW7LdM4sQuRazgdNvd8G2bdyt



Developer: Vitalii (Korich) Parovishnyk

Known Issues

  • Not good work with Bluetooth


This application is free open source software and licensed under the LGPL 2.1.

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