OAI-PMH provider for DOIDB and IGSN infrastructure at http://doidb.wdc-terra.org/oaip and http://doidb.wdc-terra.org/igsnoaip
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This is the OAI-PMH Data Provider (OAIP) application for the DataCite central infrastructure. This app is a servlet with the main functionality of disseminating the contents of the DataCite Metadata Store using OAI-PMH.

To learn more about DataCite please visit our website

To use this service please go to http://oai.datacite.org

Installation (for development only)


You will need Maven 2.2.1 and JDK 6 in your system (OpenJDK from Ubuntu works fine).

Solr setup

This application is configured to connect to a Solr instance for all searching and record retrieval.

Java dependencies

All dependencies are managed by Maven public repositories.

Configure the source code

I assume you had created a fork from the master DataCite OAIP project. Now you need to configure the code before compiling.

The git repository has a bunch of *.template files. You can find them with:

find . -name *.template

Those files are templates for the various configuration files which are machine specific i.e. logging, database credentials etc.

To customise them you need to make a copy omitting (.template from file name) e.g.:

cp src/main/resources/log4j.xml.template \

Now in the created file you need to adjust values according to your local environment.


your database(Solr) configuration.


your usual log4j stuff.

Running locally

First run

At this stage you should be able to run the application.

mvn compile tomcat:run

Point your browser at http://localhost:8080/oaip/

You should see the welcome page of the DataCite OAI-PMH Data Provider.

That's all!

Now you can run test OAI-PMH requests against the application.