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DataCite Search

This is Search for metadata uploaded to DataCite's Metadata Store (MDS). It is based on Solr.

To learn more about DataCite please visit our website

To use this software please go to

Installation (for development only)

This a java servlet web application. You need a servlet container (e.g. tomcat). You also need Maven 2.2.1 and JDK 6 in your system (OpenJDK from Ubuntu works fine).

All dependencies are managed by Maven public repositories.

Solr Home Directory

Solr requires a home directory to store the index and some properties. Be aware that the user running running your servlet container must have write access to this directory.

The content of solr_home has to be copied to your selected solr home directory.

All other required files will be in the war-file.

Configure the source code

The git repository has a bunch of *.template files. Those files are templates for the various configuration files which are machine specific i.e. passwords, IP addresses etc.

To customise them you need to make a copy omitting .template from file name.

Now in such created file you need to adjust values according to your local environment.


MDS database specific properties.

You will need to specify JDBC string, for example:



Specify the path to your preliminarily chosen solr home directory by replacing <dir>.


Your usual log4j stuff.


mvn clean compile war:war

will create target/search.war, which is ready to be deployed.

Running locally on your development machine

This command will run packaged (i.e. not dynamic) war:

export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx2048m -Xms2048m"
mvn clean tomcat:run-war

The application can be accessed at:


Solr admin interface is available at:


Securing Solr

Public access should only be granted for the /public path.

Configure Apache as forward proxy

RedirectMatch ^/?$ /ui
ProxyPassMatch ^/?$ !
ProxyPass / ajp://localhost:<port>/search/public


After deploying the following resources are of interest:

  • /public/ui - search user interface
  • / - admin interface

Data from MDS is imported via Solr's DataImportHandler. You can access it via admin interface. Another option especially useful for cron jobs is scripts/solr-client. Simply try

export SOLR_URL=http://localhost:8080/search
scripts/solr-client import delta

for a delta import of MDS metadata. See solr-client help for usage.