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Using Docker

Experimental (definitely not yet ready for production)

Please be aware this is experimental and, currently, the easiest way to use snowstorm is to download the most recent jar from this GitHub repo.

This is an easy option because it will install Snowstorm, the correct Elasticsearch version and wire them together for you.

The docker-compose.yml in the repo option will run everything necessary to use Snowstorm without the need to build anything. However, you will need to generate SNOMED CT elasticsearch indices which you can either generate yourself, see the snomed loading instructions here, or contact to get access to a copy of some already generated indices.

Once you have the indices, you can either unzip them into a local ~/elastic folder or change the following line in docker-compose.yml from ~/elastic to a local folder of your choice:

      - ~/elastic:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data

Once done, then simply run:

docker-compose up -d