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#Visual Mets The Visual Mets application renders Mets documents into a visual display. It comes with a tool which converts csv into Mets documents.

##Build To build the project, clone the sources and build using:

$ mvn clean package

This will produce a war and jar.

Or download the latest stable build from:

##Minimum setup

  • Install a tomcat6\7 or jetty server
  • Install your METS war file on the server.


  • copy the file onto a different part of your server. For example to: /etc/tomcat6/
  • Change it's properties according to your custom setup of the MongoDB replicaset and proxy URL
  • Declare the file in the For example : JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dvisualmets=/etc/tomcat6/"
  • Reserve a temporary folder for caching purposes. Your server ought to be able to read and write to it. it will store images and XML. Mention the code in your property file external.cacheFolder = /mnt/visualmets/

##Location of Mets documents Your Mets ought to have fileSec with references to images. Store these on a fileserver that is accessible over the internet. Make sure the domain names where the resources are on, is mentioned in the security property. For example as: external.trusted = ^$,^$

##Create METS documents Please read the instructions in the metsmaker module