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Welcome to the IKANOW community edition (Infinit.e) github wiki!

The web site describing the IKANOW community platform platform is here. We're currently "in between" developer forums, we can be contacted via the github issues page or at

This includes instructions for using yum to download the binaries generated from the sources maintained here: yum install details. Note the recommended URLs for the yum repositories have changed as of Jan 2014, use "" in the URLs in repo files.

The latest binaries are hosted here. An archive of all old releases (starting Jan 2013) is here.

The web site describing the Infinit.e REST and Widget APIs is here.

This page will contain details of all (bi-monthly) releases:

Important News, May 2015: Infinit.e is moving into a maintenance cycle as we focus new development efforts on Infinit.e's successor, Aleph2, which will be available in beta ~Q3 2015.

Here is the plan with regard to Infinit.e:

  • We recommend existing community users do not upgrade beyond the latest v0.4 release (Jan 2015). To simplify this, we are leaving the existing YUM repo ( and /infinit.e-preinstall-repo) pointed at that version. We will be rolling out bug fixes to this release.
  • We will continue to build limited new functionality (and bug fixes) to v0.5 and beyond (an increment in minor version number indicates a non-backwards compatible change) - these will be released as open source and can be obtained via different repos ( and /newest/infinit.e-preinstall-repo). (All our enterprise customers are already at v0.5+)
  • For V1 users (v0.5+) requiring/desiring the new functionality provided by Aleph2, it will be possible to use "V2" plugins within V1. These will be documented on the Aleph2 github site as they become available.

Release v0.5.1207.108 - March 2015. v0.5 upgrades a number of core technologies (Elasticsearch, Java, MonogDB, Hadoop). As noted above, v0.5+ lives in a different repository and it is recommended that v0.4- users remain at v0.4 (which will get the same bug fixes as v0.5+)

Release v0.4.1207 - Jan 2015, highlights: Technology updates to elasticsearch 1.4, Further custom/source editing integration, Templated source widget, support for command-line scripting, Shareable saved queries and pivots (=query settings/sources)

Release v0.4.1154 - November 2014, highlights: Technology upgrades to elasticsearch 1.0 (1.3 supported), MongoDB 2.6, Java 7; Ability to run custom jobs over records; A monitoring UI for custom jobs; Support for CORS-compliant access; Documents and the results of Hadoop jobs can now be viewed from the Kibana-based Record Analyzer.

Release v0.3.1088 - September 2014, highlights: Support for viewing docs and custom results in Kibana, Distributed logstash processing, Alpha Federated query capability - add results from external APIs to query results, Substitution variables for more secure use of access credentials in sources.

Release v0.3.1014 - July 2014, highlights: Read/write functionality for shares, A new "self merge" mode for custom Hadoop plugins

Release v0.3.996 - May 2014, v0.3 - Major release of new functonality: Upgrade to elasticsearch 1.0; A new more lightweight Record object, ingested via Logstash and visualized via Kibana; A new incremental Map/Reduce mode allowing modification of the data generated from previous runs. This upgrade requires additional steps, details inside

Release v0.2.942 2014-03-11 - March 2014 release, highlights: Ability to join efficiently data from custom analytics/document sources, with either new custom plugins, particularly using the built-in Hadoop/javascript scripting engine or new sources. Ability to read directly from HDFS in custom plugins.

Release v0.2.911 2014-02-13 - February 2014 release, minor bug fixes and enhancements (source builder improvements, Hadoop performance). Note it is recommended to upgrade the DB RPM in addition to the usual 3 RPMs, this can be done without restarting the DB as described in the release page.

Release v0.2.882 - 2014-01-10 - January 2014 release, minor bug fixes and enhancements only, Note it is recommended to upgrade infinit.e-hadoop-installer in addition to the usual 3 RPMs. a breaking change to the uploaded Hadoop JARs requiring their recompilation, and a minor breaking change to the custom job query format - see details inside.

Release v0.2.850 - 2013-12-16 - December 2013 release, minor bug fixes only, plus one major bug fix for an issue that only affects new instances built from the November release. Note includes a minor breaking change to "pipeline" sources that used the field "docGeo", which has been renamed "geotag".

Release v0.2.835 - 2013-11-21 - November 2013 release, minor bug fixes and enhancements only

Release v0.2.805 - 2013-10-10 - October 2013 release: Alpha release of new source pipeline harvest process

Release v0.1.8009 - 2013-08-29 - September 2013 release, minor bug fixes only.

Release-v0.1.7991 - 2013-08-13 - August 2013 release, highlights: Ability to harvest directly from shares or custom task results, A better debug environment within the Plugin Manager, A new less intrusive administrator account type (beta). Note includes a breaking change to the uploaded Hadoop JARs requiring their recompilation, details inside.

Release-v0.1.7714 - 2013-07-01 - July 2013 release, highlights: Mostly just minor bug fixes, plus a couple of copy/paste functions: the ability to copy a link describing the current workspace to the clipboard for sharing/retrieval, and the ability to snapshot individual widgets to an image that can be copied, or saved to file.

Release-v0.1.7552 - 2013-06-11 - June 2013 release, highlights: Source Editor improvements, Ability to launch the GUI into a specified query via the URL.

Release-v0.1.7362 - 2013-05-07 - May 2013 release, highlights: Support for exporting Mahout vectors to HDFS, A drag and drop framework for the main GUI, including example implementations in the significance/sentiment/event graph widgets, Support for harvesting from S3, Opened access to document content storage. Note includes a change to the elasticsearch index naming convention, which may require action, see the release page.

Release-v0.1.7213 - 2013-04-02 - April 2013 release, highlights: Upgraded to version 0.19 of elasticsearch, Open Source release of "1-click importer" Chrome extension, Some minor GUI performance/clarity improvements, Added the ability to query on entity and association sentiment Note includes a change to the elasticsearch RPM, and a (minor) breaking change to the harvesting framework.

Release-v0.1.7006 - 2013-03-11 - March 2013 release, highlights: Alpha release of "moments", per-entity temporal aggregations, Visual and functional improvements to the widgets, Basic security framework for sharing. Note includes a change to the DB RPM, and a (very minor) breaking change to the alias framework.

Release-v0.1.6852 - 2013-02-06 - February 2013 release, highlights: Integrated query scoring options with GUI, performance improvements to the harvester, Manual entity aliasing framework.

Release-v0.1.6643 - 2013-01-07 - January 2013 release, highlights: Improvements to query scoring options.

Release-v0.1.6410 - 2012-12-07 - December 2012 release, highlights: Beta release of Query Metrics widget, official CentOS6 compatibility for online installation, easier single-node Hadoop support ("local_mode"), support for API keys, support for JSONP, support for ingesting JSON files.

(No November 2012 release, paternity leave!)

Release-v0.1.6074 - 2012-09-28 - October 2012 release, highlights: Beta release of the Java driver, a useful Javascript prototyping engine for Hadoop, and a security layer to prevent data leakage from harvester scripts.

Release-v0.1.5883 - 2012-08-29 - September 2012 release, highlights: A new all-purpose keyphrase extractor, support for sorting and limiting Map/Reduce results, more fine-grained control over field indexing, a new Hadoop splitter library that increases performance by x20 for typical Infinit.e clusters, and a new Chrome extension that allows "1-click" source import.

Release-v0.1.5728 - 2012-08-01 - August 2012 release, highlights: a new integrated user/community/source manager GUI, SSL support, Tika support for web-accessible "office" documents.

(No July 2012 release, summer holidays!)

Release-v0.1.5352 - 2012-06-05 - June 2012 release, highlights: xpath support for web metadata generation, hadoop plugin manager gui, hadoop test harness.

Release-v0.1.4993 - 2012-05-03 - May 2012 release, highlights: entity/association filter in the API and GUI; a new harvest module supporting link scraping.

Release-v0.1.4776 - 2012-04-10 - Removed probably-not-distributable-binaries + a few bug fixes.

Release-v0.1.4748 - 2012-04-04 - First OSS release.

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