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JavaScript 10 20


forked from szabyg/annotate.js

Semiautomatic annotation editor for rich html editors.

Updated Dec 7, 2012

JavaScript 21 3


Project reporting system for IKS

Updated Oct 23, 2012

JavaScript 20 62


forked from bergie/VIE

RDFa - Backbone.js bridge

Updated Mar 7, 2012

JavaScript 2 2


forked from szabyg/VIE.autocomplete

Autocomplete widget for VIE entities

Updated Mar 7, 2012

JavaScript 1 3


forked from szabyg/vie-annotation-bookmarklet

Stanbol-connected, VIE and annotate.js based enhancer bookmarklet.

Updated Mar 7, 2012

JavaScript 1 1


forked from alkacon/vie-gwt

A GWT wrapper around the VIE JavaScript library. VIE is a project to semantically enhance and edit the content of your web pages through annotations, developed as part of the EU-funded IKS project.

Updated Feb 24, 2012

JavaScript 8 8


forked from alohaeditor/rdfQuery

This project is a mirror of for better integration in the github infrastructure. All changes made to rdfQuery are contributed back to the original project at google code.

Updated Feb 16, 2012

Java 1 3


forked from retog/sling-stanbol

A sling distro including stanbol and sling frontend to stanbol services

Updated Nov 30, 2011

JavaScript 10 7


User interaction widgets for VIE

Updated Nov 25, 2011

Github IKS Homepage

Updated Nov 16, 2011

JavaScript 2 356


forked from bergie/hallo

Simple rich text editor (contentEditable) for jQuery UI

Updated Nov 15, 2011

JavaScript 1 291


forked from bergie/create

Midgard Create, a generic web editing interface for any CMS

Updated Nov 14, 2011

JavaScript 4 0


Discontinued. Temporary placeholder for the new VIE API design

Updated Sep 20, 2011

JavaScript 1 0


Integration of VIE in Apache Sling

Updated Sep 8, 2011

JavaScript 2 7


forked from bergie/ViePalsu

Collaborative meeting tool

Updated Aug 24, 2011

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