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IKS Project

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  1. Proggis Public

    Project reporting system for IKS

    JavaScript 21 3

  2. VIE Public

    Forked from bergie/VIE

    RDFa - Backbone.js bridge

    JavaScript 19 2

  3. Forked from szabyg/annotate.js

    Semiautomatic annotation editor for rich html editors.

    JavaScript 11

  4. User interaction widgets for VIE

    JavaScript 10 7

  5. rdfQuery Public

    Forked from alohaeditor/rdfQuery

    This project is a mirror of for better integration in the github infrastructure. All changes made to rdfQuery are contributed back to the original project at goog…

    JavaScript 8 2

  6. zart.js Public

    Discontinued. Temporary placeholder for the new VIE API design

    JavaScript 4


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