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ILCOIN Core integration

What is ILCOIN?

ILCOIN is a modern alternative to Bitcoin developed by the ILCOIN Dev Team. We use SHA-256 encryption technology and C2P Protocol. ILCoin has been launched and is mined by a young and dynamic start-up company, committed to build and develop a global digital currency-based economic system and community, ILCoin Development Team.

With long-time programming knowledge for each of our representatives, we are intended to achieve improvements in this cutting-edge technology which is the cryptocurrency world. Every day look for ways to update with better security and connectivity in every node, wallet and the blockchain itself.

ILCOIN Dev Team create a new protocol called C2P, this protocol allows to prevent one of the biggest concerns of the cryptocurrency world, which is the 51% attack. Our protocol has 3 new levels of security to prevent attacks or corruption in the blockchain, and in this way avoid every malicious activities. Also, we increment our max block size up to 5 GB with RIFT according to the necessities and demand of all the crypto community therefore prevent the bottleneck issue.

Original Whitepaper.

Build ILCOIN Source Code - Linux.


ILCOIN Core is released under the terms of the Development Team.