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Customizing Update Feb 9, 2018
Modules Merge branch 'fix/0023307/5-3/NoLanguageVariableForStandardView' of h… Aug 10, 2018
Services 0023382: Starting Point configuration does not work if Aug 14, 2018
cron Cron/Auth: Fixed #20616 May 19, 2017
dicto adjusted dicto-rules for new dicto version. Jun 18, 2017
docs Changed Maintainer for WebDAV from smeyer to rheer Jul 23, 2018
include Release 5.3.7 Jul 25, 2018
lang Merge branch 'release_5-3' of Aug 15, 2018
libs Updated composer classmap Jul 26, 2018
setup Chat: Added new database indexes (#23412) Aug 9, 2018
src Merge branch 'release_5-3' into internal/5-3/File_service_white_list Apr 12, 2018
sso Auth: Fixed #20685 Jun 12, 2017
templates OnScreenChat: Fixed #23343 Jul 25, 2018
tests UI: Added attr links Apr 11, 2018
webservice/soap User: Fixed 'getUser' SOAP service Jul 4, 2018
xml Mail: Fixed DTD Jan 16, 2018
.gitignore .gitignore: Added Customizing/clients Apr 4, 2018
.htaccess Update .htaccess Jan 10, 2018
LICENSE Create LICENSE Mar 27, 2018 Fix mark down format Mar 19, 2018
calendar.php Test commit SVN mailer Jan 6, 2013
confirmReg.php removed deprecated setcookie calls. Jan 24, 2017
error.php Error Handling: PDO exception handling Apr 13, 2018
favicon.ico Added ILIAS browser icon Aug 23, 2002
feed.php removed deprecated setcookie calls. Jan 24, 2017
goto.php Added additional comment. Aug 28, 2017
ilias.php Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'trunk' of… Aug 31, 2015
index.php removed debug Jan 24, 2017
login.php 0020912: login.php no longer redirects already authenticated users to… Aug 30, 2017
logout.php ilStartupGUI refactoring Mar 1, 2012
lti.php Added auth frontend credentials for lti Nov 24, 2016
objects.dtd fixed minor bugs Feb 4, 2003
objects.xml Trunk revert (#271) Aug 24, 2016
privfeed.php removed deprecated setcookie calls. Jan 24, 2017
pwassist.php ilStartupGUI refactoring Mar 1, 2012
register.php ilStartupGUI refactoring Mar 1, 2012
rootindex.php WebDAV Interface: Feb 14, 2008
saml.php SAML: Renaming / Tiny changes Aug 25, 2017
sessioncheck.php test commit (mail) Oct 14, 2013
shib_login.php removed commented code in shib_login Nov 14, 2016
shib_logout.php [FIX] 22982: target url Apr 27, 2018
storeScorm.php Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'trunk' of… Aug 31, 2015
storeScorm2004.php improvements for storing data Aug 23, 2016
studip_referrer.php moved ilExplorer to Services/UIComponent, ilIniFile and ilErrorHandli… Mar 2, 2012 required unzip test file Nov 24, 2003
webdav.php Fixed old-style calls to constructurs, replaced mixt calls Aug 30, 2016


ILIAS is a powerful Open Source Learning Management System for developing and realising web-based e-learning. The software was developed to reduce the costs of using new media in education and further training and to ensure the maximum level of customer influence in the implementation of the software. ILIAS is published under the General Public Licence and free of charge.


see all features on our official website or read our booklet


Installation of ILIAS is well documented on our official Installation manual and in the documentation contained inside this repo: /docs/configuration/


ILIAS can be extended with a lot of Plugins. You find the complete list in the Plugin Repository

Want to contribute? Great!

We have a big community and you can get a member of ILIAS Society. You may even join us at one of our regular ILIAS Conferences.


We highly appreciate Pull-Request from external developers. Due to some regulations in the developments process of ILIAS, some kinds of Pull-Request need further steps. Additionally Pull-Request should target the correct branch for easy merging.

  • Language-Fixes or additions to language-files don't need further steps.
  • Bugfixes need an entry in the Bugtracker: . Pull-Request for Bugfixes target always to the branch where the bug occurs. The developer which merges it will cherry-pick the fix to all branches needed
  • Features/Refactorings need an entry in Feature-Wiki and has to get through the existing procedure for Feature-Requests: . Pull-Request target to trunk.

Pull-Request will be assigned to the responsible maintainer(s). See further information on how contributions are handled in /docs/documentation/