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A user-friendly PHP Looking Glass
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This LookingGlass is Powered by LookingGlass and Modified by LookingGlass.


Some modifications after forking

1.Add GeoIP information when traceroute under IPv4
2.Use DD command to create test files
3.Add translation for simplified Chinese
4.Modify the output language of traceroute result
5.Add support for CDN
6.GeoIP information when you traceroute under IPv6 is now supported!



LookingGlass is a user-friendly PHP based looking glass that allows the public (via a web interface) to execute network commands on behalf of your server.

Current version: v1.3.0

It's recommended that everyone updates their existing install!


  • Automated install via bash script
  • IPv4 & IPv6 support
  • Live output via long polling
  • Multiple themes
  • Rate limiting of network commands

Implemented commands

  • host
  • mtr
  • mtr6 (IPv6)
  • ping
  • ping6 (IPv6)
  • traceroute
  • traceroute6 (IPv6)

IPv6 commands will only work if your server has external IPv6 setup (or tunneled)


  • PHP >= 5.3
  • PHP PDO with SQLite driver (required for rate-limit)
  • SSH/Terminal access (able to install commands/functions if non-existent)


  1. Download LookingGlass to the intended folder within your web directory
  2. Extract archive:
    • Extract archive to the current directory:
      • unzip
  3. Navigate to the LookingGlass subdirectory in terminal
  4. Run bash
  5. Follow the instructions and will take care of the rest

Forgot a setting? Simply run the script again


  1. Download LookingGlass to the folder containing your existing install
  2. Extract archive: tar -zxvf LookingGlass-1.3.0.tar.gz --overwrite --strip-components 1
    • This will overwrite/update existing files
  3. Navigate to the LookingGlass subdirectory in terminal
  4. Run bash
  5. Follow the instructions and will take care of the rest
    • Note: Re-enter test files to create random test files from GNU shred

Forgot a setting? Simply run the script again


An .htaccess is included which protects the rate-limit database, disables indexes, and disables gzip on test files. Ensure AllowOverride is on for .htaccess to take effect.

Output buffering should work by default.

For an HTTPS setup, please visit:


To enable output buffering, and disable gzip on test files please refer to the provided configuration:

HTTP setup

The provided config is setup for LookingGlass to be on a subdomain/domain root.

For an HTTPS setup please visit:


Code is licensed under MIT Public License.

  • If you wish to support my efforts, keep the "Powered by LookingGlass" link intact.
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