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I am <volunteer_name> mailing you on the behalf of the community I represent, ILUG-D (Indian Linux User Group-Delhi) which is a Non-profit Open Source Community. Our community organizes a monthly meetup in the Delhi-NCR region and actively looking for venue partners and thus for next meetup i.e. <date>, we require a place to host our event. I would like to request you on the behalf of the community if we can get your office/co-working as our venue. Following are the deliverables from our side and our requirements:
Deliverables from your side
* An open space for around 30-40 people.
* A Computer Screen or a projector
* Internet Connection
* Tea and Snacks (if possible)
Deliverables from our side
* You will be our Venue partner for the event
* Promotion over social media
* Potentail Candidates for recruitment
Why should you host us?
* Our meetup encourages new participants and welcome them to open source culture which will help your employees and improve their efficiency.
* With great talks on latest trends in technology, your company might get to know some new technology which can be used to solve their problems.
* Our meetups attractive various of potential candidates who are good with tech and computers. It is an opportunity for your company to get potential interns and employees.
Here is the schedule of our upcoming meetup which is scheduled on <date> for which we are looking for the venue:
Check about our previous venue partners and their experience here,
It would be wonderful to have <venue> as our venue for the ILUG-D next meetup.
<volunteer name>
(ILUGD Volunteer)
ILUG-D website:
ILUG-D github: