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Hello [speaker_name],
We would like to invite you at our ILUG-D meetup to deliver your talk <talk_title>, on <date> which will be hosted at [venue][1]. Following is the schedule for your talk and the whole event.
Thanks for proposing a great talk at our meetup on <talk_title> on <date> which will be hosted at [venue] [1]. Following is the schedule for your talk:
We will be looking forward to your talk :)
(This is a confirmation mail to your slot and you don't need to reply. In case of doubt, feedback or any other query, reply to this mail with the query.)
* If you have any query regarding your schedule or meetup itself, you can ask your questions at our [telegram group][2], [Mailing list][3], [IRC channel][4] or any of our volunteers including me.
* If you are beginner as a speaker and need help to deliver your talk, we can help in that case too. Just ask us and reach the venue prior to your schedule.
* If your talk has anything that our attendees needs to know beforehand, do share on the mailing list or on your [github][5] talk issue.
* If you need any connector in general to connect your laptop to projector, do let us know in advance, so that we can arrange it on time.
Also, we would like your acknowledgement/consent on whether we can record your talk and share it on our [Youtube channel][6] with due credits?
[1]: [location_map_link]