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DPCrackDetection - is a static library that is able to detect the presence of cracking the application and to take certain measures. Definitions of cracking In-app purchase to set the library is not included.

System requirements

  • iOS 4.3 or higher

  • Architecture armv7 or armv7s


//import header
#import "DPCrackDetection.h"

//DPCrackDetection activation
DPCrackDetection *crackDetection = [[DPCrackDetection alloc] initWithLicenseKey:@"LICENSE_KEY"];
//enable debug mode. Before publishing in the Appstore must set to NO
crackDetection.debugMode = YES;
//check app
[crackDetection checkCrackedAppAndGoToAppstoreWithAppleId:@"APPLE_ID" andExit:YES];


The license key is tied to a specific application.

To purchase a license key please e-mail

Example applications with DPCrackDetection in the Appstore

  • iFile
  • iFullStat (1.2 and higher)
  • iTwister (1.3 and higher)
  • Poker Cheater
  • Darts Cheat
  • iScanner
  • Apps
  • AirSafe
  • Darkness Player
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