Adding Footnotes

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The OSCI Toolkit includes the ability to add footnotes to each section. Footnotes consist of a text field for entering the footnote content and a wiki tag to add the footnote reference into the copy.

Step 1

To add a footnote reference to a copy field, position the cursor in the text where the reference should occur.

Step 2

Click the Footnote icon in the wysiwyg toolbar.

Step 3

If the footnote text to reference has already been created, select the footnote identifier from the select list.

If the footnote text has not already been entered, select "New Footnote" from the select list. This will display a text entry area where the footnote content can be added.

Step 4

After selecting and entering the information, click the "Ok" button and the reference will be added to the copy field. If a new footnote was selected the footnote content will be added to the Footnotes field.

Editing Existing Footnotes

To view existing Footnotes, click the Footnotes tab. From this tab all of the footnotes can be edited. In addition to editing, footnotes can be added by clicking the "Add another item" button.

Import Footnotes/Endnotes from Microsoft Word

If content is being entered from a Microsoft Word document and the footnote/endnote functionality has been utilized, the OSCI Toolkit will automatically create the footnotes and the proper references. To use this functionality, click the "Paste from Word" button in the content entry toolbar. Then paste in the Word document content and the footnotes will be created.

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