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The OSCI Toolkit authoring system allows authors to export a book to ePub format. The ePub document can then be viewed using an eReader such as the iPad, and can be converted to the mobi format used by the Kindle.


The links in the ePub Links menu provide access to the components of the ePub document.

  • Content Document - the content document for the current section
  • Nav Document - the ePub3 navigation document
  • NCX Document - the backward-compatible (ePub 2) navigation document
  • Package Document - the package document describing the entire publication (also used to render the book in the OSCI Toolkit fronted)
  • Print-friendly - a printer friendly version of the content

Note that the markup provided at these links contains URL references to publication content, whereas the file exported using Publish ePub is a stand-alone container that contains all media required to render the publication.


When viewing a section or publication, the entire publication can be exported by clicking on the Publish ePub button in the ePub Links menu.

After the content is processed, a link will be provided to download the ePub document. On an iPad, this link can be opened in iBooks.


The exported ePub document can use a custom style sheet. To specify your own, edit the Cover Section of your publication and replace the file in the CSS field with another .css document. The default osci-epub.css can be used as a starting point for customizations.

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