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#EPUB CONTENT The OSCI Toolkit generates publication output in the ePub3 format specified by the W3C. This allows content created using the OSCI Toolkit to be viewed by eReaders that support ePub3. Fallbacks defined in the output generated by OSCI Toolkit provide a means to display content that can be rendered on readers that do not support more advanced media types.

There are two ways that the OSCI Toolkit CMS produces ePub output:

  • Online output - In this case, the content is accessed from a URL. The reader first loads the online version of the ePub package document, which contains URL references to other ePub documents and the media files that comprise the publication.
  • Exported output - In this case, the ePub output is bundled in zip format according to the W3C specification. It may be the case that some media is still referenced via URL to reduce the size of the exported ePub file, but fallback media will be included to provide for an offline viewing experience if the network is inaccessible.