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TAP CMS Authoring Tools

This repository contains the TAP authoring tools, a set of modules built on top of the Drupal content management system. Drupal out of the box is an extremely powerful and fairly simple content management system, well equipped for managing museum tour content and structure. The TAP authoring tool modules include some preconfigured content types (e.g. Tour) for managing Tour content. Most of the power of these modules though is the ability to map the output of Drupal content types to TourML, an XML specification for representing tour content and structure. These TourML exports can then be plugged into applications. This approach clearly separates the content from presentation, hence making content reusability and sharing a strong possibility.

TAP Applications

In tandem with the TAP authoring tools, we have also released two front-end mobile applications which can be customized and deployed using the TourML output from this tool.

Getting Started

Documentation is provided for the following areas:

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