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TourML was created to serve as a simple and portable representation for tour content. Having a common language for this content will enable content management systems, kiosks, and mobile applications to speak a common language. Additionally, users of TourML will be better positioned to share and sustain their content no matter how the technology that we use to deliver these tours changes.

Getting Started

  1. Visit the learning TourML page in order to better understand the specification.
  2. Explore application profiles and how they can be used to support the import and export of TourML.
  3. For the pros, an explanation on how you can extend TourML for highly customized needs.
  4. Learn how to represent multilingual content in TourML.

Getting TourML

The TourML specification is distributed as an XML Schema.

The most recent version: Download TourML v1.0.0 (zip)

The most recent version of TourML is always available from the GitHub repository.

Visit the Element Reference links in the right sidebar to see a description of the various components of TourML.

TourML's License

TourML is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. As TourML is an open specification meant to support any kind of tour content, this license was selected to help ensure that variants of the TourML specification do not detract from the original goal, having an agreed upon specification for the community. It is our hope that any limitations found in TourML can be addressed in future versions of the specification. This license does not restrict the usage of TourML in commercial products.

Tests and Examples

The community is working on a set of examples for testing, benchmarking which should also serve as template(s) for TourML tour developers.

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