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IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.


The Caliper Analytics® Specification provides a structured approach to describing, collecting and exchanging learning activity data at scale. Caliper also defines an application programming interface (the Sensor API™) for marshalling and transmitting event data from instrumented applications to target endpoints for storage, analysis and use.

caliper-ruby is a reference implementation of the Sensor API™ written in Ruby.


  • master: stable, deployable branch that stores the official release history.
  • develop: unstable development branch. Current work that targets a future release is merged to this branch.


caliper-ruby releases are tagged and versioned MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH[-label] (e.g., 1.1.1). Pre-release tags are identified with an extensions label (e.g., "1.2.0-RC01"). The tags are stored in this repository.


We welcome the posting of issues by non IMS Global Learning Consortium members (e.g., feature requests, bug reports, questions, etc.) but we do not accept contributions in the form of pull requests from non-members. See for more information.

Getting Started

  1. Read the Caliper Analytics® Specification.
  2. Fork the IMS Global caliper-ruby project to your Github account and clone your copy to a local development machine.
  3. Ensure you have ruby, bundler, rspec installed
  4. Run the installer to set up the development environment:
    $ bundle install
  5. Run the test specs:
    $ rspec spec` # runs all specs


To run specs, you need to clone caliper-common-fixtures at the same level as caliper-ruby. Then create a symlink similar to

➜ caliper-ruby git:(master) ln -s ../../caliper-common-fixtures/src/test/resources/fixtures ./spec/fixtures

Generate the Ruby Gem

$ gem build caliper.gemspec


This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), version 3. See the LICENSE file for details. For additional information on licensing options for IMS members, please see the NOTICE file.

©2018 IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Trademark Information -